What makes a new home an ENERGY STAR home?

In 1992, the EPA introduced a voluntary program called ENERGY STAR®. The goal of this program was to stimulate and promote innovation and advances in energy efficient products. The first ENERGY STAR labeled products were personal computers and monitors. Today, the ENERGY STAR label is one of the most recognized labels in the market. You can even get your home ENERGY STAR certified. As a third-party verifier for ENERGY STAR, EnergyWise Consultants works with the builder and their subs to ensure all requirements are being met to adhere to the strict ENERGY STAR standards. These are well above and beyond today’s code built home. To be certified as an ENERGY STAR home all aspects of the building process are evaluated. This includes framing, HVAC design and installation, insulation, air sealing, indoor air quality measures, water management measures, type of appliances and lighting, and more.

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