ENERGY STAR Utility Bills


Just ask anyone who lives in an ENERGY STAR certified new home to go back to their old, inefficient home. You’ll likely hear that there’s no way they’ll give up the comfort that came with the ENERGY STAR label on their new home. From the moment you walk in the door of your ENERGY STAR certified new home, you’ll see, feel, and hear the difference. That little blue sticker means your home was built with the complete satisfaction of you, the home owner, in mind. An ENERGY STAR home is one that gives you peace of mind, enduring quality, wall-to-wall comfort, and proven resale value. Your home of the future…built today.

Utility Bills

The cost of your home doesn’t stop with the mortgage payment. Every month your utility bills can be lowered as much as 30% compared to non-ENERGY STAR homes. That equates to a savings of hundreds of dollars every year.