Our goal is to help you meet your energy efficiency needs.


Reducing outside air infiltration into your home is a key component toward improving both comfort and energy efficiency.  Air-sealing along with upgraded insulation typically results in a substantially tighter structure and consumes less energy to heat and cool the living space. By performing a blower door test, EnergyWise Companies is able to diagnose and pinpoint the leakage in a home, scientifically getting to the root of the problem.  Typically, expanding foam and high-quality sealants are employed to achieve long-term results for your home.

EnergyWise Consultants requires air-sealing before installing attic insulation if it is required.


EnergyWise Consultants installs insulation based on the needs of the home and the client. We install cellulose and fiberglass insulation in attics, walls, and other locations as needed. Insulation retrofits can save substantial amounts of money on energy bills and result in improved comfort in your home.


Homes with crawlspaces typically have a variety of problems, all of which can be remedied to achieve significant energy savings and result in better indoor air quality. Energy losses, excess moisture, and soil gas entry are primary problems in most crawlspaces. Using proven techniques, EnergyWise will work to create healthier, more energy efficient crawlspaces.


During our standard energy audit, additional items may also be identified, such as poor weather-stripping issues, bath fan upgrades, and attic hatch improvements. The list of possible items can be long. EnergyWise Consultants will tackle these additional needs items as well as the more obvious improvements.

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