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Home Owners:

What about mold? Should I be scared?

Mold is a real concern, although one which has probably been over-dramatized by the media. Some people are highly susceptible to mold. However, mold is not good, whether you are at risk or not. Mold is an indication of a home being out of balance. We look out for mold during all of our inspections. We also identify conditions that could lead to mold growth. Of course, it is best to stop it before it starts.

Does it make sense to use solar energy, or any other renewables, for my home?

You may have heard the phrase, “You have to eat your energy efficient veggies before indulging in your renewables dessert”. This phrase refers to the methodology of making sure your house is as energy efficient as it can be before you start using renewables as your home’s primary energy source. Using renewables, like solar-power, is a great choice. But you want as little of this energy being wasted as possible. Air sealing, insulation, efficient mechanical equipment, and high efficiency lighting are just some of the ways to achieve your energy efficient goals.

The Environment – What can I do?

Homes that meet high-performance standards use fewer resources than other homes. Homes that are certified as ENERGY STAR are even more sustainable. Seek out builders that build high-performance homes and also certify them as ENERGY STAR.

Saving money – What should I do?

One way to protect yourself is to work with a builder that has made energy efficiency a priority. Builders that work with energy rating companies, such as EnergyWise, are more likely to have addressed efficiency issues.


Should I replace my windows?

This depends on your primary concern. If comfort is the main problem in your home, there is a good chance that some or all of your windows are at fault. However, window replacement is usually only cost-effective from a long-term viewpoint. There are other things to consider, such as aesthetics and resale value. Typically, there are other measures that are less expensive and more effective to change the performance of your home.

I'm on a tight schedule. How will working with EnergyWise Consultants impact me?

At Energywise, we pride ourselves on our ability to integrate with your schedule and cause no delay in your current sequencing. We have made a concentrated effort to understand the issues that are important to builders and focus on them.

Buyers aren't asking for this, why should I do it?

That is an excellent question, and one we like to answer. If you:
–are interested in differentiating yourself from the competition, it makes sense.
–don’t want to be left behind as more and more builders adopt high-performance standards, it makes sense.
–don’t want to be perceived as building who builds “Code Built”, it makes sense.
–want to be able to take advantage of tax credits when they become available, it makes sense.

How much will it cost?

Building an ENERGY STAR-certified home costs anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Typical changes are to the insulation systems, mechanical systems, windows and air-sealing practices. You’d be surprised at how many ESTAR requirements you may already be meeting. There are also substantial builder rebates that are available when building an ENERGY STAR-rated home.

I already have a QA program, why do I need you?

Few QA programs pay any attention at all to the issues that surround high-performance construction. We are focused on all the elements that typically are left out of QA programs. For example, few QA programs give adequate attention to insulation and HVAC issues. Not only are we engaged in visual inspections to ensure quality, but we also perform a complete set of tests to ensure that work was done properly and sub-standard situations don’t go uncorrected.

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